Nam Viet Laminate Floor F12-69 : natural wood grain made in Vietnam, durablealuminum oxide laminated sān gỗ good scratch resistance, super water-resistant HDF wood core.
Nam Viet laminate flooring F12-69: suitable for apartments, private rooms, offices, recording studios, fashion shops, supermarkets, hotels & resorts.
With a thickness of 12, it is strong enough for all types of interior floors in a solid, durable and highly stable manner.
Lining on old brick floors, lofts, renovating houses, repairing shops, decorating floors in exhibitions & fairs
Luc choose F12 laminate flooring is the most economical way to spend money and still have beautiful and good wooden floors for health.
Your living room space becomes luxurious when it is lined with wooden floors with nostalgic tones. You feel comfortable when you put your feet on the floor, lean on the sofa with your favorite book. Decorative lights in the living room make the wooden floor even more polished and exude the beauty of the wood grain. With a solid thickness, each step is more solid without worrying about slipping or noise because there is a sound-canceling cushion underneath.

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