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    Steve Glover

    Loud popping in front driver's side when 4x4 is engaged

    Good morning folks, I'm new to the forum. My name is Steve. I own a 2017 F-150 XLT Crew Cab, that I bought new, this past September. I'm having a problem that I'm hoping some of you can possibly help me with.

    I live in the mountains of NC, where every road is usually straight up, or straight down. The gravel road leading to my house is very steep. To prevent tearing up my road, I always put my truck in 4X4 high so I won't spin up the gravel. Since day one of bringing my truck home from the dealer, everytime I put it in 4 wheel high to come up my steep driveway, I have a very loud "POP" that comes from the front left. When I say loud, that's almost an understatement. It's loud enough to make you jump, and almost want to get out of the truck and search for metal teeth laying in the driveway. It's like something is building up, and binding...until "WHAM". If I'm pulling anything, with any weight, it will do it over and over. The dealer says that it is because of the front leveling kit that I had installed, but the problem with that, is that it was doing it before I had the front level added.

    What are your thoughts about what it could be. It's almost like the 4X4 is coming in and out of 4X4 on that side. They replaced the accuator yesterday at the dealership, but to no avail, it is still doing it.

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    Did they replace the IWE hub? If not I would suspect that as a problem.

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    Loud popping in front drivers side when 4x4 is engaged

    I had this problem but with my passanger side replaced the calipar braded lines pins slider etc... feels like a different car now.

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