I got a 1998 f150 xlt 3 door stepside that I bought from my grandpop after blowing the tranny in my bronco. Iv had the truck for goin on two years and the beast of a 5.4l has never ever let me down. However I let the truck down in jan. When I went head-on into a tree doin aprox. 50. Needless to say she's hurt. I'm workin on fixing it now and have few mods in mind. I scored a used frame with a jasper rear. Gonna replace brake lines and fuel lines. Doin all new suspension. .. which brings me here.
I work ina body shop so fixing its no problem but I wamted some ideas on motor, tranny, drivetrain , anything that's not body. I can do any work that needs to be done but what's everyone else having luck with. What the best choices without makin my wallet cry? Drive train has 189k but has been extremely taken care of and ran like new