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    FAQs: Headlights

    Here is a run-down on bulbs and most things involving lights on these MY trucks. All information is compiled and made by myself. Posted for informational purposes only, cannot be posted elsewhere without my permission.

    Fog lights

    So, you want to increase the light output down under to fill in the black hole? You've come to the right place. Here I will let you know what is and isn't safe to run in your truck.

    Most vehicles come with either the 9140 or 9145 bulb (see chart above). The only difference between the two is wattage output. The 9140 puts out 40W of power, and the 9145 puts out 45W of power with 900 and 1100 lumens, respectively. There is a reason for this madness: HEAT. Chances are, you have a plastic fog light assembly. If so, you want to stay ~20% within OEM specs to avoid melting your lights and possible risk of fire. For vehicles with larger or metal housings, you can safely swap larger bulbs.

    Now, if you scroll up and look at the bases of bulb, you will see the 9005, 9006 and 9100 series fog lamps all share the same base. WRONG. They are all different (9140, 9145, and 9155 share the same base). BUT. They are SLIGHTLY different. So with some force and dexterity, you will be able to put and bulb in any socket. For example, if you have a 9145 45W bulb, you CAN fit a 65W 9005 bulb in the same socket. The only difference is a slight off-adjustment of one of the three retainer lines (see above). However, you must be careful.

    Vehicles equipped with plastic, round fogs (2006-2011 F-150, exc. Raptor) should not install bulbs over 45W of power! Since they come with 9140, a 9145 would be a good swap. Do not install 9155, 9005, or 9006 bulbs, you WILL melt your housings![/b]

    Trucks with the rectangular (2004-2005) or metal housings (STX) are free to increase to highest wattage available (9005, 9011)

    This is a flow chart, from least powerful to most powerful halogen drop-in replacements. Heat rating (H) is on a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being coolest and 5 being hottest.

    9140- (40W @ 900 lu/H1.5) H10 not a good upgrade bulb, and OEM for some fog lamps. Next step: 9145
    9145- (45W @ 1100 lu/H2) H10 bulb. Can be used as an upgrade from 9140 for slightly more light output without risking melting. Next step: 9155
    9155- (55W @ 1350 lu/H3.5) H10, great upgrade (if you can handle the heat) from 9145. Next step: 9005
    9005- (65W @ 1700 lu/H5) This is a great upgrade for those with metal/glass fog lamps or large housings. Next step: 9011
    9011- (65W @ 2350 lu/H5) This is the HIR1. Can be swapped in place of the 9005 with minimal cutting. No heat increase (in comparison of 9005).

    9006- (55W @ 1000 lu/H4) This would be used in the stock 1997 & 1998 F-150 fog lights. You can swap to the higher-output HIR2 9012 bulbs or use a different brand 9006 for more power. Next step: 9012
    9012- (55W @ 1870 lu/H4) HIR2 bulb. Can be swapped in place of the 9006 with minimal cutting. 55W @ 1870 lumens. No heat increase (in comparison of 9006).

    H3- (55W @ 1450 luH3) 55W transverse bulb. You can upgrade to 100W H3, but caution for heat. Next step: H3C HID.

    H1- (55W @ 1550 lu/H3) 55W axial filament bulb. Can be upgraded to 100W H1, but caution for heat. Next step: H1 HID
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    Great info! Thanks a lot man!

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    Good write up, Thanks!
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    Looking to upgrade my bulbs on a 2018 so can I swap to 9145 I assume but can I go one more step up without melting?

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