I have an '85 5.0 XLT Lariat automatic..

Did multiple searches, I have FSM's and still can't find the information I need.

I am going through the truck and verifying all of the sensors and making sure everything is to spec.

I am an electronic technician and intend to check the electrolytic capacitors in my ECM. Therein lies the problem.

My ECM is loose in the retaining bracket, but something is preventing it from releasing and being removed. My FSM's pictorals do not show enough detail to determine what is holding it. Is there a release I am not spotting from looking up from the floorboard?

I want to make sure before I start tearing the dash apart that I am getting to it the right way.

The 85 and 86's, as compared to the later years have the ECM above and to the right of the accelerator. I have seen people indicate it is in the kick panel, but that is 87 and above.

It looks like you might be able to get to it from the top by removing the dash pad or alternately removing the instrument cluster cover, below the column cover, and maybe the radio and other misc covers.

If any of you with 85's and 86's have removed the ECM, what is the best bet?

Any information appreciated!

Tnx Fred in Mesquite, TX