Hello all,

First post here so go easy on me...

I bought a 2010 XLT 4.6 4x4 last year. The ABS, brake, and traction control lights have all been on since I bought the truck. I have had the ABS codes pulled and came up with B1596 (service continuous codes), C1963 (ABS system pump motor circuit malfunction), and C1963 (stability control inhibit warning).

I have searched around a bit and havenít come up with a whole lot of answers. I have searched around a bit about the ABS control module. My main question is this; if i had a faulty speed sensor, would the truck throw a code specifically for a speed sensor? Or could a speed sensor be causing all these codes. Or could it be something like a faulty hydraulic pump?

Iím not great with the electronic aspects and donít wanna go throwing an ABS module at it if this isnít actually the issue.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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