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    2001 f150 5.4 a/c issues.

    I've replaced every component of the ac system except the evaporator, because research shows I need to pull the dash to get to it. The original system the clutch was starting to make noise and there was a system leak. Rather than try to chase it down, I just replaced everything, sans evaporator. I flushed the evaporator and used a tornado air chuck with a compressor to clean it out. Seemed fine, so I bolted the hoses, accumulator, condenser, and compressor in place, adding oil to all the components and some uv dye. I vacuumed down the system with manifold gauges and and a vacuum pump. It held a vacuum overnight, so I added freon the next day. It would not take freon on the low side even after waiting nearly an hour. I jumped the low pressure switch and the compressor kicked on, low side pressure did not drop and no freon was pulled. I read that the high side may need a boost if it's not reading any pressure at all. Closed the low side and opened the high side. It took immediately and once it hit 50psi, the compressor kicked on. I closed the high side and opened the low side and waited. Still wouldn't take anything even with the compressor kicking on, and while the compressor was on the low side stayed pegged on whatever psi it was at, usually 70-80psi. I vacuumed the system down, and again it held without leaking. I pulled the quick disconnect on the high side where it meets the evaporator and was met with a gush of uv dye, oil, and I assume liquid freon. I disconnected the low side that runs between the accumulator and the evaporator, then put the air chuck to the smaller high side port hoping to blow out whatever might be the problem. That got me a face full of fluid. One shower later I again put the air chuck with something in front of the ports so it wouldn't soak me again. I used some more ac flush and the air chuck, it blows through, but doesn't seem like I'm getting the full force. I hooked it all back up, vacuumed and tried to charge, same result. I'm led to believe that there is some sort of blockage inside the evaporator. Since I've literally replaced every other component, it seems to me that the evaporator is the logical cause. Any suggestions before I tear out the dash?

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    What's the manifold gauges reading?

    after recharging the system did you actually run the AC? What were the gauge readings? usually they can give a hint as to the issue to look at first.

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