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    Noob question - Fender Flares

    Hi everyone.

    New to the forum and F150s. Bought a 2017 crew XLT last year and love it.

    Over the past year, Iíve been getting lots of small paint chips, mostly right above the fenders. Iíd say I have about 20-30. Driving me crazy.

    I bought a kit to touch them up, but I know Iíll just have to keep doing it.

    Iím thinking about adding some ABS or other fender flares, both to protect from the chips, but also for appearance.

    I see lots of pretty simple DIY bolt on ones online, but all the installation videos talk about removing existing flares, and I donít have any.

    I know itís a dumb question, but do I just skip that step, or am I not looking at the right type of flare? All the sites Iíve been to like CARID filter down to only exact trim level and bed length, so Iím just flat out confused.

    Any suggestions on a good quality flare would be awesome too.

    Thanks everyone.

    Looking forward to start customizing a bit now that itís been a year and my wallet has had time to heal.


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    PCS Custom Automotive has finder flairs at a good price.

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