2009 F150 5.4 4x4 XL, I have been having a random problem that is getting worse...
The issue is that both brake lights on the dash, the traction control light comes on, the 🔧 indicator comes on, the 4X2 indicator comes on, the dash says brake control module failure, all the gauges stop working and then the transmission sticks in I think 3rd gear (take off to redline it will not shift)
Sometimes it is only the brake lights and the traction light that come on sometimes all of it happens suddenly.
If I pull over and shut the truck off it goes away and works just fine for awhile, the longer I drive the worse it gets
Also once in a great while when I try to start the truck nothing will happen and the security light flashes quickly
If I unhook the battery over night all the problems go away for a couple days then slowly start up again
Sorry for the long post! Just wanted to give the most information possible