3 days ago my truck started and I heard a whining noise. I turned off the truck but the truck did not turn off. It was nearly dieseling.i drove it home, about 3 blocks, from where I was at, popped the hood and noticed my ground wire that runs from my starter to the negative battery post was out of the terminal.(no idea how it happened, I put new post and cranked it pretty tight). The ground from that melted and was arcing, the terminal itself melted.i took my wife's car and drove to the local auto parts store and bought a new terminal and and got another battery just incase along with another ground wire.ran okay yesterday with no problems. But the terminal now wasn't staying tight on the post. It started chirping again pretty bad when I got to work this morning and wouldn't shut off. I now can not put the terminal back on to the post because it's arcing pretty terribly and starting up without the key even in the ignition. Don't really know what to do. The starter is only about 4 months old. What could I have done wrong?

Its an 89 f150 with the 5.0 in it. Any ideas of what i could do.

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