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    02 5.4 possible PCM replacement? Fuel pump relay?

    02 5.4 was being moved when it suddenly it shut off, my initial thought was the fuel pump because when we tried to restart the the truck we didnt hear the fuel pump prime when turning the key. We replaced the fuel pump and still no primeing. Plugged in a scan tool to check for codes, scan tool couldn't connect to the computer (this tool has had no issues in the past with this truck). Checked all my fuses and nothing is bad. My only thought is that the relay for thr fuel pump is bad or the pcm is bad because the scanner wont link up. Motor turns just has no spark

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    Here's a lot of the fuel system parts for the 2002 F-150 5.4. I see a lot of parts on here being discontinued. I was wondering if it was the fuel sender unit. Look at all of those diagrams on there. What do you think?

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