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    Transmission Shudder?

    My 80,000 mile 2010 F150 tranny shudders in the 1000-1100 rpm range under light load. Hoping someone could point me in the correct direction so I can fix the problem.

    I am ass-uming it's the tranny. Judging by some oddities about the truck when I bought it(used) I am also presuming that the trans fluid has never been changed or flushed.

    Once in a blue moon, also under light load such as coasting around a curve then hitting the accelerator, it will klunk hard in the downshift. Maybe the two related?

    What about this no dipstick thing? Why? So I am forced to go to the dealer?

    Any other items leading to shudder in the trans? Sensors?

    Thanks much!

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    Not changing the transmission fluid is just like not changing the engine oil. VERY BAD. Each costs thousands to fix or replace. Oil and transmission fluid is ALWAYS cheaper than a repair and replace. I would find a place that has a transmission flushing machine. It puts in the same amount that it takes out. You should get an extra 2 or 3 quarts on top of what it calls for so that you have extra in there to flush out the torque converter. Also I would check your motor mounts or transmission mounts. The rubber wears out and can cause vibration.

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