Hello everyone !
Been fighting a strange problem on my sons F150 lately and I'd like some insight if anyone can help .
All started with both banks running rich event codes and have been able to get that cleared up . Processed all the vacuum hoses and replaced as needed . I hooked up my fuel pressure gauge on the fuel rail and noted 96PSI at the fuel rail .Took it into a shop a few times for the fuel pressure regulator to be changed , changed twice now . Fuel pump was labeled as the culprit and has been changed to brand new. Air intake plenum removed and fuel rail stripped down and cleaned throughly .New plugs installed along with a new MAF sensor . Return line back to fuel tank have been removed and cleaned and blown out with air . Gas tank had rust in it , I've removed the tank and had it professionally striped and new liner put in .
One of my questions about the fuel system is , does it fire up at full pressure upon starting and then reduces back to lower a pressure ?
Any ideas here from anyone would be greatly appreciated .