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Thread: no oil pressure

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    no oil pressure

    About to pull the oil pan off my 97 f150 4x4 to clean my pickup tube can anyone tell me what I'm getting myself into

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    how do you know you are not getting oil pressure?
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    I replaced the stock ford oil pressure gauge with a after market mechanical gauge I was told the stock gauge was just a fancy idiot light its reading 50 psi when I start my truck after it warms up it drops to 5psi then 0

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    Yes, that gauge stays constant and is a dummy gauge. But if it receives a reading that is unacceptable it'll cause the gauge to move and it'll also throw a code. Do you have CEL on now? I'd check it for sure before you drop the pan and start removing stuff.

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    No oil pressure. If u trust that the gauge is correct. Check crankshaft end play to start.

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    I would also check to see how much damage this has caused. U can inspect the cam caps and check for scoring. If they are scorn. Then heads will need replacement. But still have to find route cause. Could be oil
    Pump checking oil
    Pump clearance will let u know of it's good. There is a lot to check and keeping in mind cost to repair.

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    I had good oil pressure when I noticed it bouncing I parked the truck hope it didn't mess up anything apparently this year is famous for oil pressure problems but since I already have the motor open I'm changing the oil pump, pickup tube and having the valves redone because the top end is where I'm losing the pressure
    I am probably not thinking of this the right way but money isn't the problem my wife bought me the truck as a gift and I'm really attached to it just glad there is someone that is willing to teach me a thing or two I really appreciate your help if you have any more ideas let me know I'm willing to try anything

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