Looks like its been awhile since anyone has posted...but I'll give it a go anyways. Basics are 1994 150 4.9 i6. I ran into issues where the engine would just intermittently cut out driving down the road, almost as the computer would shut off for milliseconds and reengage. I ordered a new ecm and I had similar issues still. After days and days of chasing this issue, I noticed something as I drove away one afternoon. I have a habbit of turning off the overdrive when I first pull away. As the motor would start cutting out I hit the overdrive button and I realized it would run properly of I pushed and held the over drive button. I ultimately wired a switch to hold voltage across the switch as a test and I confirmed it. Power held across the switch keeps the motor from cutring out, but I lose my overdrive, which is pretty inefficient at 70 mph.

I know thats long but is a weird gremlin to be chasing. Anybody have any ideas on this issue?

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