Hey yíall new here. I need some advice and desperately need help! Iíve got a 97 f150 4.2 v6. 182xxx. A while ago, I guess about a year or so. It started to drop oil pressure. Yes, I am aware itís just an idiot gauge. I know itís loosing pressure because I can hear it in the engine. I put a new sending unit in it (motorcraft), I changed the oil and threw some Lucas in it. Along with a motorcraft oil filter of course. Well that fixed it for a while. Well I continued to have the problem every 3000 miles after I change the oil, but it would fix itself after a driving around for a while. (day or two)About two weeks ago I changed the oil and it started doing it again. Well now Iíve changed the oil twice in three weeks and I canít get it to stop. Mind you it only does this after I get it up to about 60-70 miles an hour or expose it to a load. I.E my boat. It does fine until I come to a stop and then it looses pressure and the oil light comes on along with some ticking sound under the hood. PLEASE HELP! Iím lost and have no clue what to do.